Who says there are no modern day heroes? Lily doesn't realize her own strength until she meets other sea creatures who are delightfully presented in this enchanting book. Through her experiences in accepting others, Lily finds her strength and her ability to overcome life's challenges.   Lily evolves in character and this reader fell in love with her developed persona. The book contains whirlwind actions, which entertain the child. I'm sure children will recognize Lily as a modern day hero." 
      Gerri Davis
      Teacher and book lover 
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The book is just great--a meaningful story and really beautiful illustrations .  I like reinforcing to      
children the idea that someone who is different might turn out to be a special friend and one who           can help in time of need.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the young. 
       Agnes M.

"Subtly brilliant." Those are the words I said a few minutes ago after reading THE LOST
MERMAID. Jan, this book is wonderful at so many levels. I immediately found myself reading it
aloud, complete with arm and facial choreography! I love the way you end it, too. Lily doesn't
find her parents during the story. I think that brings a greater depth to it. What the kids
(including us old ones) are left with is hope rather than overall certainty. The only things that
ring with certainty are enduring love, beauty and compassion -- yes, Keats good old, "Truth
is beauty and beauty truth, that is all ye know and all ye need to know." Whether or not
Lily ever finds her family and friends, we know she will be alright because now she's safe and not           alone. But simultaneously we also feel very optimistic she WILL find them.
     Lee Domann
Love your website and the introduction to the adventures of Lily.
     Linda Cohn
Our granddaughters loved you story book. 
      Rickie Dickie

WOW! We love your book "The Lost Mermaid!" It is a great story. Good job!
      Grace and Melody LaPointe
We just began selling The Lost Mermaid in our store and absolutely love the story! However the cliff-hanger at the end is unbearable, will there be a follow up on Lily's story?
The Lost Mermaid is a delighful story,with beautiful illustrations.
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"The author has a real talent for words.  Every sentence was wonderfully thought out.  The story has a great message and she got it across perfectly.  Our country is a real melting pot and learning to accept our differences is so important.  My 11-year old grandson gave it a thumbs up.  I would recommend this book to my friends."

The book is so cute and is such great quality. I want to thank you for that nice note you wrote in the book to Lily it was sweet and such a special touch. I really appreciate that you took the time to do that..
These books are brilliantly written...very whimsical in nature with true life lessons that unfold within the pages of the books.... a must read for any precious ones in your lives!!
Our stores started selling The Lost Mermaid books last year and they have become our fastest selling books.  Customers return for additional copies as gifts.
I purchased one of these books for my grand daughter.  I read the entire book the following day and was amazed.  I was initially attracted to the art, but the story captured me.  I found myself reading it a second time.
Your book arrived and I read it....I really love it! Great message and how you bring it together with the sea.  I'll order more this weekend for friends and put it on ARM's social media as well.  Thanks for writing it.
Richard Couto
         Review by Kristie Ingerto - 5 stars

    The Lost Mermaid: Return to the Raspberry Kingdom, written by Jan DiRuzzo and illustrated by Dave Sullins, is the story of a journey a mermaid makes back home. Lily is planning to return home to Raspberry Kingdom in Raspberry Bay and, although she is sad to leave her friends and they are sad that she is leaving, she knows she needs to go home. Lily’s mom and dad and some friends decide to go with her and help her to find the way there. Although they know the currents and the paths to take, they still encounter some challenges and difficulties along the way. However, Lily handles these challenges well, including being kind to someone whom others fear and do not seem to care for, and there is a happy ending for everyone! 

Mermaids are such fascinating, magical and beautiful creatures and I enjoy reading and watching things about them just as much as my daughter. Jan DiRuzzo’s children’s book, The Lost Mermaid: Return to the Raspberry Kingdom, was no exception. This was a well-written story with great lessons throughout and I enjoyed reading this with my daughter. It was a great story, but it also allowed for good discussions as far as how Lily was a good friend and the choices she made. The illustrations for this book are done by Dave Sullins and they are absolutely gorgeous. The illustrations are beautiful, full of detail and go perfectly with the story. This is a must-read for girls who love mermaids!