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Raising a Non-Violent Child: The Importance of Tolerance and Respect

Dr. Bruce Perry, MD, PhD said, "Our children will experience more change, see more places, and be exposed to a greater variety of people and cultures than any any other generation in the history of humankind.  To succeed in this complex and diverse world, they'll need to develop the capacity for tolerance and respect." His article, entitled "Tolerance: The Fifth Core Strength," offers precise and sensitive insight to parents for the prerequisites necessary to develop tolerance in children.  He underscores the importance for the child to feel "special, safe, and loved."  Freely share words of praise with your child.  He says, "A loved child learns to love."  Expose children to new places, people, and cultures to the greatest extent possible, and be a "model of tolerance and respect."  Read more about the importance of tolerance and respect at www.scholastic.com.

Jeff Wise, blogging in Psychology Today, wrote "The Two Parenting Skills You Didn't Know About."  He also underscores the importance of role modeling love and kindness and articulates a wonderfully simple formula for child rearing: "love your kids, love your partner, and encourage their self-reliance." When a child has had love and kindness role modeled in their lives, they're more likely to be loving and kind toward others. You can read more about developing these skills at www.psychologytoday.com/blog.

January 10, 2011