This mythical tale will enrich your child’s imagination and immerse them in South Carolina’s magical low-country coastal landscape and marine life. The Lost Mermaid is a sweet story that can teach your child valuable life lessons about the danger of judging others by appearance or language.  The Shem Creek sea friends have spurned Lily because of her many differences, but when the Jamboree is in imminent danger, Lily performs a magical feat that saves the day.  By embracing her differences and discovering the greatness within, important social values are learned at Shem Creek about cultural diversity that your child can learn, too, and apply throughout life’s journey.
  A Story of Diversity and Acceptance
 Read Alone:       6 - 12
 Read Together: 0 - 5
See the crystal underwater caves where Lily lived.  
Meet the sea friends-- Loggerhead Turtles, Dolphins, Bobby the Blowfish, Sammy the Seahorse,  and many more.

Attend the Jamboree and watch dolphins dance while Lily performs her magical feat.
Visit the underwater world where mermen live.  

Feel the excitement as Lily gazes at the fireworks.
The Lost Mermaid  
Return to the Raspberry Kingdom
Join Lily in her second adventure, as she and her new friends from Shem Creek embark on a magical journey to find her home in the Raspberry Kingdom.  Currents and tides become amusement park rides that carry them into fun and suspenseful encounters. 

A monkey in the middle of the sea--Could it be?
A sunken treasure--Arrr! A Pirate's pleasure!

But the tide turns. Her best friend disappears, and Lily comes face-to-face with a Giant Octopus bully.  Readers learn that small acts of kindness can change even an underwater world and inspire more kindness and smiles. During the journey to the Raspberry Kingdom, children experience the magic of friendship, gentle approaches to bullies they meet, and the power of working together as a team.
Travel to Monkey Isle and meet Monroe, a wise old monkey, who shows Lily and her friends a map to the Raspberry Kingdom.
Experience life in the Big Black Trench where Lily meets a giant octopus and Priscilla, the Pink Meanie.
Help Lily and her friends recover a treasure chest filled with magic stones.
Listen as Captain Tybee, a friendly pirate, tells Lily the tale of the Flying Dragon, a sunken three-masted galleon, filled with treasure.
Celebrate with Lily as she arrives at the Raspberry Kingdom and is reunited with her family and friends.
The Lost Mermaid~Return to the Raspberry Kingdom is a beautifully illustrated children's book that contains water color images, painted with a bold sense of color and light.  
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The Lost Mermaid  
A Shem Creek Moonlight Jamboree
The Lost Mermaid~A Shem Creek Moonlight Jamboree is a beautifully illustrated children's book that contains water color images, painted with a bold sense of color and light.  
  A Story about Friendship, Teamwork, and Gentle Approached to Bullies